Explosives, Special Nuclear Materials and Radioactive Threats detection systems play a vital role in providing safety and confidence in daily passengers and commerce goods transportation. Their robustness and reliability, easiness to use and accuracy among with other important performance characteristics impact on entire chain of transport and economic health.

Ratec Group uses advantage of its diverse expertise to introduce leading-edge technology and develops reliable high sensitive Systems for detection of Explosives, Radioactive threats and Special Nuclear Materials providing most desired and adequate business solutions to our customers.

STC Ratec over two decades is developing and producing explosive detection systems for baggage screening based on Neutron Activation Analysis particularly designed for aviation security purpose.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Neutron Activation Analysis techniques for Explosive detection
  • Radioactive threats detection
  • Active methods of Special Nuclear Materials detection
  • Advanced Gamma ray spectroscopy
  • High sensitive detection systems development

The Ratec systems that have been installed in Russian airports Pulkovo (St Petersburg, Russia) and Sheremetyevo (Moscow, Russia) already proved in real commercial airport environment their safety, compatibility with ongoing inspection procedures, high efficacy and reliability.
Ratec Group comprehensive research and development projects aimed on solving the most demanding security problems of modern society:

  • Prevention of terrorist attacks – explosives detection
  • Nonproliferation – Special Nuclear Material detection and identification;
  • Radioactive threats alerts , dirty bombs detection – advanced spectroscopic monitoring