About Ratec Lab

Ratec Lab as a subsidiary of STC Ratec Ltd uses advantage of its diverse expertise to introduce leading-edge technology and develops new solutions for Explosives/Radioactive threats/Special Nuclear Material detection, Neutron Activation Analysis for science and industries, technological applications of Gamma Spectroscopy, new detection system development based on high resolution detectors and high speed electronics.

Ratec Lab team is an alliance of experienced project managers and engineers that implements their ideas and comprehensive research new value for commercial applications. Our mission consists in proving High Technology Solutions as the safe and available tools for people life improvement.

Scientific and Technical Center “Ratec”, Ltd is a developer and manufacture of wide range of sensitive and robust security systems for explosives, radioactive and special nuclear materials and other threats detection based on well developed nuclear technologies: different kinds of neutron analysis (Advanced Thermal neutron Analysis, Associated Particles Imaging, Pulsed Fast Neutron Analysis), advanced gamma spectrometry. 

The Ratec Inspection Solutions dedicated for different kind of passengers and commercial goods transportation checkpoints include hand and baggage screening, post and mail, banks, cargo containers.